Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash Masks are the new lifestyle modification, fashion-symbol and a new mode of survival in this era of Covid-19. Interestingly WHO now agrees with this statement as well. Previous guidelines of WHO suggested that only people that are affected by Covid-19 and those surrounding the patients needs to wear the masks. For healthcare...
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Doctors all around the world and specially in USA are observing a new twist in the tale of Corona virus. There seems to be a correlation between Heart attack and Corona (Covid-19) patients.Patients suffering from COVID-19 are found to have their blood thicker than usual. While taking the blood for IV Lines, for dialysis and...
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Corona Virus Patient
Can a Recovered Corona patient get reinfected ? Scientists all over the world are engaged in research about the outcomes of COVID-19. The global pandemic on one hand has troubled the whole world and on the other hand it has raised so many new questions about the future.What happens to the patient who gets recovered...
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Corona ! The medical term that is the talk of the town. It is at the top of the Google search since the past three months. 100 Days since the first COVID-19 Case,100 Days that has changed the world around us,100 Days of equality One Hundred Days that didn’t differentiate between race, religion, caste, culture,...
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