Stronger Lungs Will Make You Survive Corona

Ever thought of making your lungs stronger like your muscles ? If you can’t protect yourself from getting infected, try making your lungs strong.Corona is getting dangerous day by day. Its reaching to our nearby circle ; friends and family. Governments are taking off restrictions and opening lock-downs. There is lesser change of preventing the infection. In such situations, you can atleast make your immune system and lungs strong.

What function lungs actually perform ?

Lungs take the blood from heart and fill the blood cells with oxygen that is needed for your whole body.

Also the lungs, throw away the Carbon dioxide outside the body which is actually toxic for the cells.

Lungs are as important as heart and brain to your body.

How Air Enters into the Lungs ?

Air is entered into the lungs through your nostrils. Small tiny hairs in the nostrils act as a first line of defence and block any dust partciles from entering your lungs. Air also enters through your mouth when you inhale or do exercise, but its better to do inhalation through nose as it filters the particles.

The air then enters into your windpipe which split into two small bronchial tubes and then end up in each lung. The bronchial tubes is branched into a tree like structure inside the lungs. There are tiny hair like cilia inside the bronchial tubes as well, they narrow into even more small tubes called Bronchioles. The bronchioles further divide into alveoli. This shows how beautifully the human body is architected. The alveoli are thin sacs with very thin layers from where oxygen diffuse inside the body and carbon diaoxide diffuce outside.

Stronger lungs = Stronger Health
Stronger lungs = Stronger Health
How to make your lungs strong and function better ?
Walk & Exercise:

Exercise and walk can make your body’s immunse system better. Also Exercise can help the lungs increase their oxygen carrying capacity. Taking fresh oxygen in and removing CO2 during exercise helps lungs function better.

Fresh Air & Inhalation through Nose:

Long breathing in fresh air, inhalation through nose provides body with fresh oxygen that nourishes lungs as well as the whole body

Quit Smoking:

Quitting smoking habit is the most effective way to make your lungs strong. Smoke and Cigarettes directly damage the lung muscles and inner linings that decrease the breathing capacity.

Avoid Pollution:

The quality of air in which you are breathing matters a lot. If you live in a city with high pollution levels, start using masks that prevent dust from entering your lungs. Fresh oxygen, morning walk in gardens or parks may help you in getting better oxygen

Anti-Oxidant Rich Foods:

Eating foods that are rich in antioxidants like citrus fruits are better for your health. Antioxidant removes harmful toxins from your body.

Avoid Flu or Get Vaccinated:

Getting flu vaccination can also avoid you from getting your lungs infected in winters.

Protect from Getting Cold in Winters:

Protect yourself from cold in wintes, avoid taking too much cold drinks that may end up in getting your lungs infected with pneumonia that ultimately destroy the lungs if not treated properly.

Improve Indoor Air Quality:

Improve indoor air quality by having some indoor plants. We live in such a polluted and artificial world , it is better to have high quality air inside your houses.

Be Aware of Passive Smokers

Avoid passive smoking. Avoid the company of smokers because passive smoking will do half the damage as the active smokers to your lungs.

Stronger Lungs are a sign of Stronger Body & Healthy Life

The world is changing. COVID-19 (Corona Virus) is here to stay for a while until the vaccine is developed or some other treatment protocols are discovered. Till then, it is better to keep yourself and your loved ones protected and adapt a healthy lifestyle that help you survive even if you get the infection.

Stronger lungs are necessary for a stronger body and a health life. Keep Breathing ! Stay Safe.

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