Social Media or Hate Media?

If you are here after reading the caption, it means you are one of those who can observe deeply about your surroundings and who have seen or felt some sort of heat on social media. Yes, Social media is turning into hate media. Social media was a platform of our generation, the young generation. It […]


Masks – The New Lifestyle in COVID-19

Masks are the new lifestyle modification, fashion-symbol and a new mode of survival in this era of Covid-19. Interestingly WHO now agrees with this statement as well. Previous guidelines of WHO suggested that only people that are affected by Covid-19 and those surrounding the patients needs to wear the masks. For healthcare workers, WHO guided […]

Corona Virus Patient

Can a Corona Recovered Patient Get Reinfected ?

Can a Recovered Corona patient get reinfected ? Scientists all over the world are engaged in research about the outcomes of COVID-19. The global pandemic on one hand has troubled the whole world and on the other hand it has raised so many new questions about the future.What happens to the patient who gets recovered […]