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Can a Corona Recovered Patient Get Reinfected ?

Can a Recovered Corona patient get reinfected ? Scientists all over the world are engaged in research about the outcomes of COVID-19. The global pandemic on one hand has troubled the whole world and on the other hand it has raised so many new questions about the future.What happens to the patient who gets recovered from COVID ? Can they get infected again ? Are they immune forever ? How long does the immunity last ? Can a patient get reinfected by Corona after once getting recovered from it ?

Questions like these are the topics that are surrounding the researchers all over the world but the results and conclusions are far from near at the moment. Such question requires long studies. Its still the first stage of Corona and it may last for upcoming months. Then there will come the stage 2 of corona and studies which will answer all these questions. Antibodies test, vaccines tests will all tell the answer of these questions.

What happens to the patient who gets recovered from COVID ? Can they get infected again ? Are they immune forever ? How long does the immunity last ?

Patient’s in China and South Korea Got Reinfected

Looking at the current evidence, the situation seems quite tricky. A couple of Corona patients in China who were normal after their isolation period and had the test negative got the infection and symptoms again in the upcoming month. This is quite weird for anyone who has just recovered from the infection. 
Another interesting scenario happened in South Korea when around 116 recovered patients got reinfected. The usual standard to declare a patient negative is taking two negative test results in 24-Hours. But still 116 patients got reinfected. Its still under investigation how the viral load increased again¹

Positive Signs as Covid-19 couldn’t infect the experimental monkeys again

The positive news says that Chinese have tried the infection on Rhesus Monkey and the monkeys showed signs of immunity after re-infected with the virus. Similar outbreaks like this, the Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) infections had lasting immunity. The SARS Virus had immunity among the patients up to 3 years and MERS patient had the immunity lasted upon 1 year. The answer to all these questions are not sure yet and it will require some detailed studies to find out the answers. Lets wait for a while to get some more research done.²

No Concrete & Conclusive Evidence For Now

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Anti-bodies tests have been initiated around the world to figure out how long the immunity of the corona virus survivors will remain. It may need volunteers participating for anti-body test every month or every year to measure the amount of anti-bodies in the blood Corona virus. 

There is currently no evidence that a patient who gets infected once won’t get the infection ever again. 

Time will tell how long does the immunity last in a Corona patient after he gets recovered. For that purpose, periodic antibodies tests are required on patients who recover from the Corona virus infection. The period tests will be done on regular basis ; monthly, 6-monthly and yearly to check the amount of antibodies after particular time period. This will help in understanding how long the immunity lasts against Corona virus.

Don’t listen to the people saying that once you get corona virus , you won’t get infected again . There is no scientific evidence to back such argument for now. Until then Please Stay Home and Stay Safe. Protect yourself and your families.

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