Corona & Heart Attack? Is it possible ?

Doctors all around the world and specially in USA are observing a new twist in the tale of Corona virus. There seems to be a correlation between Heart attack and Corona (Covid-19) patients.Patients suffering from COVID-19 are found to have their blood thicker than usual. While taking the blood for IV Lines, for dialysis and other procedures it was observed that the blood of the corona patients was clotting faster than the usual time period.

Few other clinical observations from Doctors found that the patients are showing signs and symptoms of heart attack. The oxygen carrying capacity is decreasing and blood supply to heart and other parts of the body is also reducing.

Covid Patients are dying of heart attacks, strokes and respiratory disorders. Blood thinners and related medicines showed better results in patients. Few doctors suggest it to be more of an endothelial disease (blood vessels) rather than a pulmonary disorder.
All these are observations by the doctors who were dealing with the Corona patients. There is no scientific evidence for now that can show a direct impact of Corona on Heart.With the passage of time, more clinical in depth details about Corona will come up with scientific evidence.
One thing is for sure that Corona doesn’t have a defined pattern of spread. It will take time to study it and to produce a vaccine against it. So As time passes, new researches will let us know whether the heart attack and corona are directly related or not.
Till then, stay home and stay safe.

How Long will it take to confirm ?

The research related to Corona is an ongoing process and it might take 6 months to 2 years to get some authentic information, vaccines and treatment protocol. The need of the time is to stay patient and to stay home. People considering Corona as a joke or as a myth may end up at the wrong side of the history. Corona does affect the lungs which in return can impact the heart.

Long story short , Can Corona cause heart attack ? Yes !
Although it is a respiratory syndrome however it does effect your heart.

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